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Former NBA Star Develops "No-Frills" Cure For His Own Chronic Knee Injury… Now Available To The Public

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Dear joint pain sufferer,
If you’re suffering from knee pain right now, but you can still walk, then I have great news for you today.
In the next few minutes I’m going to show you how you can reduce knee pain at home... anytime you want…. in just a matter of seconds.
And if you follow my advice, you may never have to visit another orthopedist, physical therapist, or swallow another pill for knee pain again.

You see, for over a decade, I've been laser focused on eliminating the source of knee pain.

First, it was to heal myself so I could return to the NBA. (You can find my story online)

Then, in order to help the millions of others like you, who suffer from chronic knee pain.
I spent years searching for the real solution for knee pain, that didn’t just “mask” the pain… or reduce the pain for just a few hours, so it would come back...
...A solution that fixed the underlying root cause of knee pain. So the inflammation, swelling, and paralyzing pain didn’t come back again... and again...
A solution that reduces knee pain fast… safely… and reliably so that I didn’t need to pay an orthopedist every week to help me.

My team and I vetted literally hundreds of devices and interviewed the top medical researchers around the world.
And it all came back to one technique that you may have heard before...
But it hasn’t been possible or practical for everyone to perform this technique, especially at home.
Until now...

After entering the NBA in 1999 as the number five overall draft pick, Jonathan Bender soon realized that a painful growth spurt he suffered during childhood was haunting him, this eventually forced him to retire from the National Basketball Association at only 25.

Desperate to take pressure off his knees, he developed a program comprised of movements learned from some of the NBA's top doctors and naturally rehabilitated his own knees. Those movements enabled him to re-enter the NBA after a 4-year absence. 

The Scientifically Proven Short-Cut To Pain-Free Knees Hiding Right Under My Nose
One of the most effective methods for quickly & reliably relieving knee pain is a little-known technique called muscle reactivation.
It makes sense when you think about it...
The knee is a complex system of ligaments, tendons, cartilage, and muscle… And it’s where the thigh bone, the two shin bones, and the kneecap all come together.
It acts as the main hinge between the ground and the rest of your body. The knees are your “wheels” that get you around.

Yet, it’s not just athletes like me who suffer.

Every time you take a step, millions of muscle fibers all over your body – between your shoulders and your toes – are called into action…

It’s how you stay upright and moving forward.
But if you’re one of the millions that have slight misalignments or imbalances in your joints or posture, it means these muscles aren’t firing the way they should.
And when that happens, more and more of your body’s weight falls onto your knee joints.
Doctors call this “Loading The Joint” and it’s what causes the painful inflammation in your knees.
15 Million Preventable Doctor Visits Each Year?
If you don’t correct the underlying problem, you risk permanently damaging your knees and the ligaments that keep it working.
No wonder knee pain sends 15 million Americans to the doctor each year!

But take some of the weight off your knees, even a little bit… just enough to “de-load” the joint… and you can experience near-instant pain relief.

That’s why I’ve been teaching about muscle reactivation for years.

It’s not just fast-acting. Although you can experience almost instant relief of your knee pain.

(Heck, it helped me return to the NBA after career-ending knee injuries, a dozen surgeries, and countless knee rehab…)
Ya see, most people believe that the only way to fix their knee pain is by going to a doctor or physical therapist. One offers pills and surgery and the other offers temporary relief. 
You’ve been conditioned to believe that you can’t live a pain free life without them and that’s flat out wrong!
Myself and thousands of others who’ve used my methods of muscle reactivation are living testimonies that you really can do it yourself.

You must understand that neither the doctor nor the physical therapist can be with you 24/7 and 365 days a year… it’s only you.

And you need to know how to implement maintenance on your own knees… just like you would maintain your car.

Plus the doctor can’t help you sit correctly each day or manage the way you’re standing and walking each day which are part of my muscle reactivation process.

They can’t stretch the exact muscles that need to be stretched to keep unwanted pressure off your knees so they can heal… you’ll have to do that yourself.

They can’t perform the most important stretch for your knees that you’ll need to do on a daily basis.
Again, you need to be able to do this for yourself… and you can, no matter your age!

These are all root causes of your knee pain that will have to be addressed in order to totally reduce your pain.

I’ll help you develop the consistency and the discipline in order to totally rid pain from your knees for the long haul.
The world is moving faster today and a lot of the secrets that doctors and other professionals held to themselves in order to keep you paying more money are being exposed.
More and more people are now able to really make going to the doctor their absolute FINAL option.
Stop Being Last To Receive The True Solution
It seems that normal individuals like yourself are always last to receive the true solution to problems like knee pain.

As a professional athlete, we’re given far better and in depth information for completely stopping joint pain in its tracks instead of just masking the pain.

And muscle reactivation is the main solution for healing the root cause of knee pain.

It’s totally natural to feel a little skeptical when hearing how simple stretches and other movements that you can do on your own could rid your knee pain.

But it’s true!

And I’ll prove it to you by explaining how muscle reactivation works… step by step.

And I’m not here selling snake oil… I’m here to help you find the true solution to your knee pain.

When I initially learned about muscle reactivation, I’d Just had my first knee surgery and I was completely bone on bone!

I’d never had a surgery before and it was completely unexpected for me.
When I initially learned about muscle reactivation, I’d Just had my first knee surgery and I was completely bone on bone!
I’d never had a surgery before and it was completely unexpected for me.
Here's My Short Story
I was in my 5th NBA season with the Indiana Pacers and on the first day of training camp my knee blew up like a grapefruit.

This wasn’t new to me...I was used to my knees swelling… I didn’t think much of it ...I was like lets drain it so I can get back to practice.
I’ll never forget the look on my doctors face as he said… you’re not going anywhere, you need surgery immediately.
I remember My heart skipping a beat. 
And while Looking at the MRI, the doctor went on to tell me that I had the knees of a 50+ year old person… and at the time I was only 24.
I can’t begin to explain what that does mentally and emotionally to a 24 year old kid living his dream.
It felt like someone pushed me into a dark room and slammed the door closed.
After surgery, the team doctors tried everything from gel shots and physical therapy to stem treatments but nothing worked.

Pain medication became a must for me even though I knew it couldn’t totally fix the problem.
I knew the risk that I was putting my internal organs in by taking the pain meds but I needed something to stop the pain.
I slowly begin to slide into a depressed state, which I now understand is a very dangerous place to be. 
I only felt comfortable alone and I begin to avoid any engagement with my teammates.

My mobility was shot and I was forced to retire from the NBA.

Everything I’d worked my entire life for… gone down the drain in an instant.
My agent started to witness my depression and really pushed me to implement a budget of over 50 thousand dollars to secure one of the worlds premiere doctors of physical therapy Dr. Dan Dyrek out of Boston Ma.
Dr. Dan Dyrek
Dan is known for helping aging superstars who are suffering with career threatening injuries.. Like David Ortiz, Larry Bird and even superstar singer Janet Jackson heal and continue to perform at a high level.
Dan is one of those...once in a lifetime talents in the medical field and when he steps in your teams locker room… you can expect every local doctor from that area to be there like fans, soaking up any knowledge they can get from Dan.
He introduced me to a life changing approach to muscle reactivation that quickly healed my knee and allowed me to return to the NBA pain free after being out for 4 years.
Here's a photo of me looking very focused for my first game back after retiring 4 years earlier due to chronic knee pain.
I was amazed at how much better my knee felt after just a few simple stretches and movements.

I know that being healed by “muscle reactivation” may sound a bit weird but you must understand that there’s solutions out there that you just haven’t been exposed to.

And you don’t know what you don’t know.

Ever since using muscle reactivation to heal my own knees, I’ve had the pleasure of helping thousands of people of all ages, just like you... heal their pain by teaching them how to implement these simple techniques and movements.
One of the most intriguing lessons I learned from Dan is that your knee can’t heal if it’s continuously bound with pressure.
Meaning if you can’t remove the pressure of your body weight off of your knees, then there’s a near zero chance that you’ll heal….even with taking the most advanced medications.
masking tools
Ya see, we’ve been conditioned to think that medication, stem treatments and steroid shots will heal our injuries but that’s so not true.
Pain Meds & steroids only block the pain signal to your brain making you think that you’re better ...all while allowing you to worsen your knees condition because you can’t feel anything.
Imagine running on a broken leg and not feeling the pain…eventually the leg is going to get a lot worse.
Even more, pain meds are terrrible for your liver and other organs. This is what happens with pain medication… I like to call it a masking tool.

Knee braces are another common tool that just delays the progress of your recovery.

These braces take on the job of your knee protecting muscles and support your knee, but the bad news is… the longer you wear it, the weaker your true muscles get.
A brace should be used as a temporary tool, yet people continue to use them every day for support instead of reactivating the muscles that were placed in their body to protect the knee.
And this is why muscle reactivation is a vital component to healing the root cause of your knee pain.
the 4 main reasons your suffering with knee pain
Now that you’ve heard my story, I’m going to expose the “Real Cause” of your knee pain. Then I’ll show you the solution for all 4 knee pain causes.

By understanding this … you’ll have a greater appreciation for muscle reactivation ...and it’ll be very simple to implement.

Cause #1 Overcompensation
I can guarantee that your body is heavily overcompensated, meaning one side of your body is carrying more of your body weight than the other.
This is a problem because each joint is only designed to carry a particular amount of your body weight. 
Imagine a bridge that's leaning to one side….the beams supporting the bridge on the leaning side are now bearing more weight than they’re designed to.

Eventually the beams give out and break, causing the bridge to collapse.

If you’ve been overcompensating… over time your lower extremity will act as the bridge and start to break down.

Are you getting this?

It makes no sense to mask the problem by giving the bridge a splint or placing some chemical on the cracked areas of the damaged beams. 

For the beams will never fully heal until the lean in the bridge is fixed.
Cause #2 Your On The Rim
Your knee has a protected layer in it that prevents damage called cartilage.
Your goal should be to place the least amount of pressure as possible on your knees to prevent the cartilage from wearing away. 

Once the cartilage is gone … it’s gone! .. you’re not getting anymore.
When your cartilage starts to wear, you start to experience inflammation, pain and stiffness. Your mobility begins to suffer because of this.
I call this being “On The Rim.”
For example: Image being in your car driving up the interstate with no tires... just the rim of the wheels. 

Think about how rough of a ride that would be. All the weight of that car pressed directly on the rims.

Eventually the rim is going to get very HOT and then the rim will begin to crack and eventually break. 

Does this make sense to you? 

So again, why would you give this rim a shot or pain meds so it can’t feel the weight of the car but continues to tear itself up.

Why would you give this rim surgery just to have it continue riding on the road bearing the weight of the car? 

The fact is... the rim will never be fully healed until there's a tire on it.
Cause #3 Pelvis Positioning
Your pelvis area being in the correct position can be the difference between enormous amounts of lower back & knee pain and not having pain at all.
When your pelvis area is rotated anteriorly, this places more pressure on your lower lumbar and forces your stomach and your butt to protrude more outward. 
For example: You may have heard older men say that they shrink as they get up in age. 

Ever heard this before?

This is a false statement, the fact is that their pelvis is rotated anteriorly... forcing them to lose an inch or two in height. 

Women also claim that the older they get the bigger their backside gets. 

This is far from the truth as well….the rotation of the pelvis in the incorrect position gives off this illusion.
Cause #4 Shortened Hamstrings
Your hamstrings are very important when it comes to pain in your knees.
Your hamstring is attached to your lower back and runs down the back or your legs and attaches to 3 different areas behind your knees.
If your in the car a lot or sitting at a desk most of the day, this can cause your hamstring to shorten which in turn can cause really bad knee pain.
For example: Imagine holding a bow and arrow. Pull the arrow back as far as you can and then fix it so it stays in that position.

The bow will suffer greatly over a period of time from this type of tension pulling on it.

Your knees will suffer the same way with tight hamstrings.

Everything that I’m exposing to you is backed by some of the top research schools and agencies across the nation.

Here’s what Dr. Ian J. Harrington, B.A.Sc., P. Eng.,M.D., F.R.C.S. , M.S., MSc had to say regarding overcompensation … published in a white paper for The Workplace Safety and Insurance Appeals Tribunal

It is often claimed, for example, that a compensable back condition with acute sciatica has resulted in limping, which in turn has caused a tear of a knee meniscus. The opposite claim is also made; that a preexisting congenital or degenerative back disorder is aggravated by limping, secondary to a compensable knee injury such as a meniscal tear or post-traumatic chondromalacia of the patella.

Here’s a study on pelvic tilting published by the Life University Institutional Review Board

Posterior tilting of the pelvis has been recommended as an exercise for relief of LBP since at least as far back as the 1980s3, 4 and can still occasionally be found in patient education literature and Internet sites.most patients performing a pelvic tilt maneuver have found some pain relief, and many of those patients seemed to have mechanical LBP with a relatively uncomplicated, favorable response to conservative care.

As you can see, the information is out there and proven in pieces but I’m the first to create a system that's simple to use for anyone at any age.

Purdue University researchers showed that reactivating the quads, hamstrings, glutes, and core muscle results in the “correction of asymmetric loading in the knee joint” and “arrests damage progression” in cartilage. 
In other words, correcting muscle imbalances around the knee joints stops cartilage damage – reducing pain and inflammation – immediately.
Reactivating your leg and hip muscles immediately lightening the weight load on the knee joints.

But to get these benefits now, you’d have to go to a clinic, or to a rehab facility, or a gym with a coach, a trainer, a physical therapist... You would need help to direct exactly how and what you’re going to exercise and strengthen.

It makes sense... Performing rehab exercises like this at home, without supervision is putting yourself at serious risk.
Fast Facts About Knee Pain
Knee pain is reported by 18% of U.S. Adults – 45 million in total.

More people are choosing knee replacement surgery – up to 1 million annually by 2020. The average age of surgery is falling too.

Osteoarthritis affects 15 million people each year. Osteoarthritis feels like pain and stiffness in the joints, including knees, hips, fingers, and back.

Now that you understand the true causes of knee pain, I’ll now expose the solutions to each knee pain cause in order.
#1 Over Compensation
In order to combat overcompensation you must get your body back to its natural neutral position. 
Both sides of your body must be evenly strong ...meaning no one side is stronger than the other.
To do this you have to be aware of your movements throughout the day.

Your everyday movements have placed you in your current situation. 

For instance, If you climb stairs using your right foot for the first step everytime...switch up and use your left.

Because you’ve spent years climbing stairs using that foot first, that side has experienced more climbs than the other and therefore making it stronger.

Every movement you make throughout the day…make sure to even up with the other side. 

I know this may sound like a lot but don’t worry my system will do everything for you.
#2 You’re On The Rim
You’re also experiencing knee pain because you’re on the rim, meaning you’re walking directly on your joints…. just like the car riding on the rims with no tires.

Are you getting this?

This is why you’re pain increases when you walk or stand up. 
To combat this you must activate your knee protecting muscles so that you’re body weight can sit on your muscles rather than knee joint.
Just like putting tires on the car rims will save the rim…. Engaging the correct muscles will save your knees and decrease the pain you’re currently experiencing.
#3 Pelvic Positioning
The main reason you’re lower back is in so much pain could be the position of your pelvic. 
Learning to place your body into a perfect posterior pelvic tilt can be challenging but once you get it, you’ll feel relief of pressure on your lower turn this relieves pain from the lower back.
This will allow you to strengthen your core which in turn will decrease pressure on your knees.
#4 Shortened Hamstrings
Shortened hamstrings cause knee problems by pulling on both ends.
To combat this I have a special stretch that releases the hamstring, quickly reducing any pain in the lower back and the knee.
First you must warm up by walking in place for 3-5 minutes. 

Once you’re warm, place your foot on a platform that’s up to your belly in height. 

This may seem high but it’s necessary. If you can’t get your leg that high then do it while sitting.

Stand as straight as you can keeping your back straight. 

Put a slight bend in your knee and move your chest slowly towards your knee until you feel a pull close to your butt under your leg.

Hold that position and breath deep for 25 seconds. Do not bounce just hold it. 

Do this 3 times at least to release the hamstring. You’ll feel pain reduction.
All 4 of those solutions are a part of muscle reactivation and will be the difference between tons of pain and no pain at all.
Remember, the only way to totally fix your knee pain is to fix the root cause. 
Here's What You've Learned So Far...
Let’s do a recap of what you’ve learned so far…

1. First off… you now know that your body has the complete ability to heal itself. 

2. Every joint has a muscle that is placed there to protect it, but it must be engaged correctly and at the              correct time.

3. Overcompensation can be a silent killer and you have to be sure not to overload one side of your body          more than the other. 

4. That you have to even up both sides of the body and distribute your body weight evenly.

5. Tight hamstrings can be one of the reasons for your knee & back pain. This can be caused by doing a lot        of sitting, like being in the car for long trips or sitting at a desk for long periods of time. 

6. You now know that the hamstring attaches to the lower back and to the back of your knees and when            shortened it pulls on both joints causing pain.

7. You’ve learned about the dangers of “riding on the rim” or overloading your joints with your bodyweight.        That you have to reduce pressure on your joints to reduce your chance of injury. You must allow the joint      protecting muscles so they can carry the weight instead of your joints taking the hit.

8. You learned how important the correct pelvic position can remove pressure from your lower back and is a key component to total healing.

Would you agree with this ?
Prevent overcompensation, make sure you’re not overloading your knees, practice the correct pelvic positioning and being sure that your hamstrings are healthy are all very important elements to riding your knee pain forever.
I’ve literally performed all of the muscle reactivation movements that I learned from Dr. Dyrek, which cost me over 50 thousand dollars for years and years now.
And because the movements changed my life, I wanted to help others who were suffering with chronic knee pain.

The only problem was the movements were created for a professional athlete, therefore being very advanced. 

This would pose a challenge for older individuals. 

So just over a year ago I thought to myself… there has to be an easier, less time consuming way to effectively implement muscle reactivation so that anyone of any age could benefit.
I started with the 4 most important but simple movements for knee pain and I added a variation to them.
This process made the movements so simple that my 85 yr old grandmother did them with no problem…even more, she did them in less than half the time it would normally take to complete these movements. 
So I basically suppressed over an hour of secret muscle reactivation movements for knee pain into just 10 minutes of movements that anyone could perform.

Even more, I got even better results with my personal version of the muscle reactivation movements.

I now possessed highly effective movements that I’d paid well over 50 grand for that could be implemented by anyone of any age.
I was so excited, but I had to be sure it would work for others.
So I begin holding small classes at gyms, ymca’s and neighborhood facilities.
I met with people of all ages who were suffering with knee pain.

Everyone performed the movements with grace and ease. A lot of them were over 60 years old, which was very encouraging.
The feedback was amazing and a lot of people were seeing results within the first session.
People would come up to me in the grocery store telling me about their results. 
About how their knees were feeling better than ever and how their mobility started to dramatically improve.
But word begin to spread and people started to come in droves wanting help with their knees. 

They even asked if I could put it on video so they could send it to family members and friends in other states.

That’s when things got out of hand and I was pretty much forced to create a program to meet the demand.

So I sacrificed a full week to film all of the secret muscle reactivation movements and stretches and packaged them into a follow along video series.
I call this program the Knee Pain Relief Codes.
I’m honored to say that this program has helped people all over the world conquer their knee pain. As of today, over 10,000 people of all ages and walks of life have benefited from the Knee Pain Relief Codes.
And it doesn’t matter what kind of shape you’re in or how old you are… Your body is capable of more than you can imagine.
The exercises and stretches are very simple and easy to follow.

In the follow-along video series, I’ll show you how to reposition your body in ways you never thought possible. 

Releasing your quads, hamstrings and glutes, forcing pain out of your knees like water pouring down a drain.

Engaging muscles you never even knew you had, that’ll help keep your body weight off of your knees.
But don’t just take my word for it. Here's a few real stories from real people who’ve totally rid their own knee pain using the Knee Pain Relief Codes.
Ron, 73 from Houston, TX
After suffering with knee pain for over 30 years, including a replacement that seemed like a waste of money... the fact that these simple movements completely healed my knee is mind blowing. The video series is a true godsend.
Krista, 46 from Indianapolis, IN
I've suffered with knee pain since high school and I'd tried everything from shots to physical therapy but nothing truely healed the problem. After using Jonathan's product, I'm now able to run on the treadmill and climb stairs again without any pain. Thanks JB
Carol, 65 from Louisville, KY
It's unbelievable to even consider that after wasting so much time on things that didn't work, a simple video series could have this much impact. Literally within the first few days of performing some of the movements... the swelling has gone as well as most of the pain. I will continue using the Knee Pain Relief Codes for life!
John, 72 from Indianapolis, IN
Over the last few years I found it difficult to go up or down stairs without constant knee pain. After using Jonathan's product, I have learned that the pain in my knee has diminished and even my posture has gotten alot better. I can now go up and down stairs without a problem... I haven't felt this good in years.
Christine, 29 from Dallas, TX
I suffered with a bad knee injury which got in the way of my workouts. This caused me to gain over 80 lbs and I was very depressed. After trying the Knee Pain Relief Codes, the easy movements and stretches started to heal the root cause of my pain which was muscle weakness. Becasue of this product I was able to lose over 60 lbs and I feel great! Thanks Jonathan
Tim, 58 from Sugar land, TX
Being that I'm manager of a Relax The Back store, you'd think that I'd be able to find something on our shelves that would help my pain. But low in behold, after using Jonathan's product for just a few days...the pain on my left side is gone and the pain on my right side has greatly diminished. I'd recommend it to anyone with knee pain.
Reverend David, 50 from New Orleans, LA
I've always had pain in my knees and it would never really go away. It would get a lot worse when I'd try to workout. After using Jonathan's product, not only am I pain free in my knees but I can now perform squats and lunges without any pain. This is a huge deal for me especially with such simple movements.
Michael, 57 from Pensacola, FL
I tore my acl when I was younger and it never quite healed correctly. I've tried therapy and other treatments that never really panned out. After using Jonathan's codes, I immediately started to feel a reduction in knee pain and my posture started to feel alot more engaged. The movements are simple and easy for anyone. I'd definitely recommend it.
Look, I know it can be a pain spending long hours at doctors appointments so I wanted to make this system short and sweet for you.
Which is why the exercises can be done right at your desk or at home in less than 10 minutes a day.
If you’re like me then I know you’ve spent a lot of money on treatments and medications that didn’t work… and that’s another reason why I wanted to make my program different.

My business partners thought that I should charge at least $300-$500 dollars for a knee pain solution I paid more than 50 grand to learn.

But since my mission is to help 10 million people around the world conquer their knee pain… I wanted to make sure that everyone could afford it.
So I’m going to give you the opportunity to own the entire Knee Pain Relief Codes program for less than the price of a normal co pay.
So today you can gain access to the Knee Pain Relief Codes for a one-time payment of just $47That’s not only less than the price of a co-pay, it’s also less than the cost of lunch.

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I am going to expose to you a few simple things to help save you from yourself. 

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This video will teach you the proper code of preparation when it comes to taking even the most simple walks.
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In this video I am going to let you in on a few secrets to feeding the body so you can build those joint protecting muscles in order to keep rid of pain.
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  • Correct your pelvic position which helps your back & your knees.
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  • ​Increase your posture and your balance.
  • ​Prevent any overcompensation that you’re having.
  • ​Evenly distribute your body weight to both sides of your body.
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  • ​Prevent surgery.
  • ​Stop the need for pain medications.
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Until this point in your life, you can't blame yourself for being in pain! After all... You never knew that your body weight was causing your knee joints to crash together or that your pelvic was rotated in the wrong position and you've been given bad advice for decades! However...
Now that you know the truth, if you turn your back on it, you will have nobody to blame but yourself!
So I leave you with one final question...

Which person do you want to be?

Takes action right now on the Knee Pain Relief Codes and greatly reduces their knee pain within their first few days. 

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Person # 2
Ignores the chance to take advantage of using the Knee Pain Relief Codes and ends up 30 days from now barely able to make it to the mailbox because of their knee pain. 

Wondering to themselves if the Knee Pain Relief Codes could have actually helped them. 

Instead of blaming the program, they blame bad genetics and feel like they’ll never escape the pain or heal the problem.

The choice is yours...
You can continue on with your life in pain, wondering if this would have worked, all while being content with taking pain meds that wreck your liver everyday. Or...
Try something new, that has been proven to work for a person with your unique issue, and see for yourself how these real results are easily obtainable. All you have to do right now is..

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Our Guarantee
I’m going to make this offer a no-brainer for you so that you have no excuses for not trying the Knee Pain Relief Codes. 

I’m going to include a 60 day risk free guarantee.

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There’s no reason to allow knee pain to ruin life, relationships and your mobility.
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What will you do when that sense of freedom returns?  Will you do more activities with the kids or grandkids?
Will you travel more? 

Or how about something more simple like just being able to walk through the grocery store without nagging knee pain.

All of these activities and more are within reach when you follow the Knee Pain Relief Codes.

So here’s a recap of what you’re getting.

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Frequently Asked Questions
When will I receive the videos and how do I access them?
You’ll get access to them immediately. There will be a link on your receipt and on an email you’ll get after you make your purchase. 
All of the videos are in digital format.
All of the videos are in digital format. 
How many times will I be charged?
Only once.
How can I reach support?
You can contact support at
How long will it take to see a difference in my pain?
Everyone’s different but you should receive immediate relief when using these techniques.
Will this product work for anyone with knee pain?
Always consult your physician before starting any exercise or rehab program.
How long is the money back guarantee?
You have 60 days to return the product for a full refund.
Yes - You Have OTHER Treatment Options...

Option #1... Physical Therapy Program

With a physical therapist, out-of-pocket costs add up into the many thousands of dollars – even if you have health insurance! Meanwhile, treatment lasts months and months. And even then there’s no guarantee it will help heal your pain. Can you really afford to wait that long?

Option #2... Long-Term Drug Treatments

Since the drugs do not fix what’s causing the pain, you will start hurting again as soon as you stop taking them. Even worse, pain pills and injections are dangerous and habit-forming – if they even work at all. Are you willing to accept all the risks of taking more prescription drugs?

Option #3… Knee Surgery

$3,000 to $5,000 in out-of-pocket expenses (even WITH “good” insurance… many plans don’t cover it)... 6 to 12 months of rehab… Rising risk of infection… ZERO guarantee it helps pain… Take it from me, knee surgery should be the last resort for knee pain. It’s SCARY that so many people are willing to put themselves and their families through it.

Option #4… The Knee Pain Relief Codes

This system allows YOU to be in control of your treatment, without the use of drugs or special appointments with a professional physical therapist.

100% safe and simple to use at home (without the supervision from a therapist or orthopedist)

Root cause pain relief with long-lasting results… It starts working as soon as your first session!

And best of all… You aren’t required to invest your life savings just to find a solution that finally works!

Currently Available In Digital Format Only

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